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Current Fishing Reports on Up North Outdoors.
MINNESOTA - LAND OF 10,000 Lakes - Get out on the Water!
Lake of the Woods Fishing Report - 4-21-15
Rainy Lake Fishing Report - Update Weekly
Lake Mille Lacs Fishing Report - 3-12-15
Kabetogama-Ash River Fishing Report - 4-13-15
Devils Lake, North Dakota Fishing Report from Woodland Resort

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Minnesota Statewide Fishing Reports
INFO AS OF 4-24-15

Northeast Minnesota
International Falls - Rainy Lake & the Rainy River

Sturgeon anglers are planning their strategy for the tag season on the Rainy River that begins tomorrow, April 24. Rainy River anglers will also be able to pull in some large northern pike as that season is open continuously. Rainy Lake is virtually ice free with just a few sheets of ice here and there. The lake will be clear and warming nicely for the opening of the walleye season May 9. Local guides expect fishing to be very good, especially as water temperatures continue to warm. 800-325-5766; www.rainylake.org

Duluth - Lake Superior and inland waters

Water in most area lakes is 45- to 55-degrees depending on the day, depth, and water color. Weeds are just starting to develop, and it won’t be long until shallow vegetation is taking over the bays. The warmest waters, generally at the northeast corner of a shallow bay, are where fish will congregate first. Try a small hook, sinker and bobber on 2- to 4-pound test with light action rods for the best results. Do your best not spook the fish, and consider using a long 10-foot rod, or even a fly rod to catch them. Live bait or plastics should do the job, especially late in the afternoon. 800-438-5884; www.visitduluth.com

Grand Rapids

Anglers planning to fish Grand Rapids area lakes will want to consider the following to assure a great fishing experience! Be sure your equipment is in working order, and change or replace the batteries in your boat (it can be awkward at the landing when your boat won't start!); make sure you have all of your plugs (live well and transom) in place; check that all fuses are working and bring along 5 & 10 amp replacement with you just in case; check your reels and change your line for the season since monofilament loses its resin and strength over time. Lastly, decide on a good fishing lake ahead of time. Some great early season options include Winnibigoshish, Big and Little Cutfoot Sioux, Bowstring and Sand lakes. 800-335-9740; www.visitgrandrapids.com

Northwest Minnesota
Baudette - Lake of the Woods & the Rainy River

The Rainy River continues to produce good numbers of sturgeon. Anglers have had success at 4 Mile Bay, Wheeler's Point, the International Bridge, and Clementson Rapids. Many boats can be seen spread out between these favorite sturgeon holes as well. A 4/0 or 5/0 circle hook with a bunch of crawlers and a 1- to 3-ounce weight has been the best bet. Fish the edges of deeper holes for the most fish. Sturgeon are catch-and-release through April 23. The “keep one” season runs April 24 - May 7. The catch-and-release only season resumes May 8 and runs through May 15. The northern pike season is open all year, and there are reports of large 40-plus inch fish coming out of Zippel Bay, Bostic Bay, and 4 Mile Bay. Use a treble hook with a spinner blade or a dead cisco under a bobber; try a couple of feet off of the bottom, as well as laying the bait right on the bottom. 800-382-FISH; www.lakeofthewoodsmn.com

Bena - Lake Winnibigoshish

Perch reports have slowed a bit on Lake Winnibigoshish, but fish continue to be caught off the west side points and breaks. Some nice fish are also coming from the south end along the shorelines in waters as shallow as 8 feet on out to 34 feet at the main lake structure and breaks. www.lakewinnie.net

Walker -Leech Lake

Leech Lake anglers expect another banner year of fishing, and the months of May and June are usually two of the best months to be out on the lake. Early in the season, the windblown points such as Pine, Stoney, Battle, Duck, Sugar and Ottertail are all great starting spots, as well as the main lake sand flats around Goose Island. Those who pay attention to water temperature, fishing pressure and conditions should take home some nice walleye. The best presentation early in the season is typically a jig and minnow. Jigs weighing 1/8- to 1/2- ounce, depending on depth and wind, are great starting points. Green, chartreuse, gold, and parrot colors always seem to be great producers on Leech Lake, but if things slow down, switch up colors. Snap jigging, vertical jigging, and dragging jigs all produce fish at some point so switch these up as well. Now is a great time to get your rods rigged, boats ready, and check out the many great panfish lakes in the Walker area. As the water gets into the upper 50s and low 60s, crappies will start to move to their shallow water haunts. Tubes, plastics and crappie minnows with a small jig and slip bobber set up are great ways to catch these fish. Check depths of 4-10 feet of water at the emerging pencil reeds. 800-833-1118; www.leech-lake.com

Park Rapids

All of the ice is off Park Rapids area lakes, the waters are warming quickly, and the crappie and sunfish spawn is moving along quicker than usual. The crappie spawn is in full swing, and the crappies will be biting aggressively very soon. For the most action, tie on a white and pink or green and white flu flu and tip it with a crappie minnow placed under a slip bobber. Sunfish are also in the midst of their spawn, with anglers finding fish in the shallower waters on top of their beds; the best depths range from 1-10 feet deep. 800-247-0054; www.parkrapids.com

Detroit Lakes

The recent cold front has brought fishing to a halt in the Detroit Lakes area. During the nice weather last week, the panfish bite had really picked up with some fish still coming from deeper waters, and some transitioning to the shallows. Water temperatures reached the low 50s, and the walleye had started to spawn. The suckers were starting to run. The cold front did bring much needed moisture along with it. Water levels remain low, however, so use caution at the accesses and be prepared to deal with low water launching and loading. As the air temperatures warm again, expect the panfish bite to reactivate. 800-542-3992; www.visitdetroitlakes.com

Central Region

The panfish bite has been great on Lake Minnewaska! Sunnies are being pulled from the Starbuck marina on small jigs tipped with waxworms or small leeches. Crappies are biting in Fish Hatchery Bay on the Glenwood side of the lake. Anglers having the most success are using crappie minnows and small jigs. Crappies and sunnies are coming from the north end of Pocket Lake. The east side of Lake Reno has also been good for crappies. 320-634-3636

Pine River

While water temperatures in Pine River area lakes remain in the 40s, the shallow bays and inlets are warming nicely – expect crappies and sunnies to move into these areas shortly. The best location is a dark bottom bay that absorbs the most sunlight and warms up the quickest. Tip a small 1/16-ounce jig with a small crappie minnow or a piece of nightcrawler set just a foot or two beneath the bobber; carry an assortment of jig colors since the best color is hard to predict. 1-800-728-6926; http://www.pinerivermn.com

Brainerd Lakes Area

Spring fishing has been great, and the warm up into this weekend should cause action to pick up even more. Expect to find crappies and sunnies just off their spawning grounds. Anglers that braved recent cold temperatures and high winds reported that the fish were still biting. Staying mobile was key. The best approach was to search the waters until a school was located. Slip bobbers and plastics seemed to produce the most fish. Anglers fishing off the docks also did well with the crappies and sunfish, especially at Bar Harbor. 800-450-2838; www.explorebrainerdlakes.com

Willmar Lakes Area

Fishing was great last weekend on Willmar area lakes. Sunnies and crappies were being pulled from the northern end of Eagle Lake, the northwest corner of Lake Andrew, in the bay on Nest Lake, and near Dilley’s Resort on Norway Lake. The recent wind and cold temperatures have slowed the number of people heading out, but numbers should pick up again this weekend when temperatures turn warmer. Just a quick reminder to pick up your 2015 fishing license if you haven’t done so yet. Walleye and Northern Pike fishing opener is May 9th in our area and bass fishing opens May 23rd. 800-845-8747; www.willmarlakesarea.com

Twin Cities Greater Metropolitan vicinity
White Bear Area Lakes

Fishing has slowed as a result of the recent cold temperatures, but as of last weekend, the crappies were really biting on White Bear and Bald Eagle lakes. Most anglers were finding them in 8-12 feet of water. 651/653-5122; www.ExploreWhiteBear.org


Anglers are excited about the springtime crappie action on Lake Waconia. As water temperatures warm, expect to most crappies to start moving into very shallow waters. In the meantime, look for the most action in 8-12 feet of water. 952/442-5812; www.destinationwaconia.org

Southern Minnesota
Lanesboro -Southeast Bluff Country Trout Streams

As of April 23, there were reports of dark hendricksons on the South Branch Whitewater. A small spinner fall was also noted in a very isolated area. Caddis were seen daily for a few days. Streams were in great condition! On Thursday morning, April 16, local DNR Fisheries staff electro-fished the upper South Fork Root River. Midges and crane flies were flying around, and by 11a.m., there were two species of caddis laying eggs, probably little sister sedge (#16, mottled wing) and little tan short horn sedge (#14-16, tan wing). No dark hendricksons were observed. Staff did observe numerous aquatic worms in the drift and water. These were about an inch long. The fish were in excellent condition! Numerous rainbow trout from last year’s fingerling stocking were found, along with several nice brook trout. Many browns measured in the 10- to 11-inch range. All branches of the Whitewater River were flowing clear, with moderate water levels. Anglers are encouraged to stop by a DNR Fisheries office in southeast Minnesota to pick up a copy of the new 2015 Trout Angling Opportunities in Southern and Central Minnesota booklet. Check the DNR Fisheries web page for locations. As updates on stream conditions become available, they are posted on the Southeast Minnesota Stream Conditions web page. You are also welcome to call the office for updates at 507-467-2442. 800-944-2670; www.lanesboro.com

Ortonville - Big Stone Lake

Anglers reported a night bite for the walleye on Big Stone Lake during last weekend’s season opener. Low light hours were also productive. Big Stone Lake's water clarity has been amazing, making the day bite a challenge. Those that reported the most success were using a typical shallow water presentation such as jig and minnow combination, or a stick baits; these were especially productive when worked slowly. The spawn has begun, with anglers taking mostly males from extremely shallow water. The largest walleye reported over the opener was a 29-inch fish. It was caught and released shortly after midnight Saturday morning. Perch were following lures and jigs right up to the boat, but most never took the bait. There appears to be a good year class of northern pike in the 3- to 4-pound range, with a couple hooked right off the docks. One angler nabbed a nice northern pike and a couple of 16- to 17-inch walleye off the dock just before sun-up. This is the beginning of a great season on Big Stone Lake! 800-568-5722; www.bigstonelake.com

The information in this report is provided courtesy of Explore Minnesota Tourism.

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